Get Ripped with Test Force and Jump Ropes

Just ordered a fresh bottle of Test Force Extreme? Awesome! So have I :)

This stuff is amazing, and I’ve been dropping some serious pounds over the last few months while I’ve been on this stuff. It’s really helped my with my appetite, and my craving for sweet, fatty food has all but disappeared.

I’ve got to say though, that I haven’t just been relying on Test Force Extreme. I’ve also been getting an amazing workout at our new local Crossfit box. I love that place, I’d almost say that I’ve developed an addiction to this way of exercising!

I combines strength exercise and hard core cardio in a fast paced, fun workout which as never the same. Whether it rolling tires, cleaning a barbell, or smashing double unders, there’s always lots of variety and lots of fun. I’ve just bought my own Crossfit Jump Rope so I can start to practice at home too, and get a great bit of exercise first thing in the morning before I head to work.

Top that off with my Test Force Extreme, and I like to think I’m on the road to getting ripped!

So what’s the best Crossfit routine for rapid weight loss? I’m glad you asked. Ideally, you want some good strength training as this will boost your metabolism for a few days, but if you throw in some high intensity cardio with the high RPM skipping, you’re going to shock your body into burning fat instantly too, for a quick bust of energy.

You just need to go hard, eat well, and take your supps. Too easy.

It’s hard to get ripped when you’ve got warts

We know your pain. It totally sucks when you hit the gym and go to do some squats, only to discover a searing pain in your foot when you put some pressure on it.

That’s right bro, you’ve got a wart!

It sucks. They creep up on us, slowly growing inside our feet, until one day, boom. They’re out there, making our lives a misery.

Fortunately, they can be sorted out pretty quickly, and cheaply too without the hassle or cost of medical treatment.

There’s a few good over-the-counter wart removal products on the market at the moment, and one of my personal favorites is called Wartrol. Your can buy it discreetly online, and it’s a high concentrated formula to wipe that wart out quick smart. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll be smashing the squat rack again and punishing your quads!

Get some dropship cash to get ripped for the comp!

I friggin love body building. but it’s an expensive sport.

Gym memberships, the right food and the really expensive high quality supplements.

L-cartenine, hydroxy whey protein, all that stuff costs a fortune. And I’ve just taken up crossfit too, to help with cardio. We all now how bloody expensive Crossfit is!

So I’ve had to look into starting a business on the side. I figured the easiest way to go would be to smash out some kind of online business, maybe selling supplements or training or something I know. Luckily, my mate Johnny FD put me onto an awesome training course called Dropship Lifestyle. He’s been using it to make bulk coin to pay for his travel and muay thai training, so I’m going to do the same now. Sounds like a great way to fund a fun lifestyle without having to waste hours working. That’s time I can be at the gym bro!

I’m going to start with a kettle bell store and go from there. Can’t wait to get cracking with my new dropship business!

Appetite suppressants for extreme results?

So I’ve been thinking about my next comp. As mentioned before, I’ve got to get my body fat down a bit and tighten up my skin a bit. Obviously, I’ll dehydrate a bit leading up to the event, but for the medium term, I’ll need to strictly control my diet.

The thought crossed my mind that I should consider taking some appetite suppressant supplements. Of course, I could just smash out some hiit training in between weights sessions but theres always the risk of messing with muscle mass so I don’t really want to go down that route.

One product I’ve been researching is called UniqueHoodia – it’s a pill thats derived from some rare South African cactus. I don’t know too much about it but apparently the local nomads used to use it so they could walk across the deserts for days! Anyway, I think I’ll give it a crack to help out those fasting days.

Go hard bitches!


Get Ripped : intermittent fasting aids

Hey ladies, Donna’s back in town!

Fresh back from a body building comp in Jersey, man there was some talent there! I thought I was doing good until I saw some of those local girls. Shit! I’ve got to get my body fat down a bit.

The boys at my gym have been telling me about intermittent fasting, shocking the body into eating itself. Kind of goes against what I normally do so its going to need some research.

I’ve also been told about some supplements like the Phen375 fat burner which cranks up your metabolism and is also supposed to help with cravings to slow your appetite. If anyone’s tried it, give us a shout out. Love to know how it works for ya.

Anyway, I’m of for a workout. It’s legs day. Fark yeah!